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Not The Radio
The "tourny" was fun.
even though it was like 4 people

David is my brother =P
Jimmy in a dress...

fun times.

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Um. My day.
MacDawg was good
Deliocano is a pain
We watched super size me in health
Math was a snooze

Then after noon

Blanch project is nailing me
Art is easy
I killed science

Progress reports.....0h god

Befor Christmas


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I'm pleased with the results.
But GAH! ChasXConstantine....god no. Gabriel!!!! foolish quizilla.

Join Me (In Death)

You're an Artist!

What JTHM Character are you?
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you're smells like teen spirit!

What Nirvana Video Are You?
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You are JohnXChas! Oooh, sweet and cuddly! Not that
you would ever admit it. But this one makes the
fangirls squeal. Expect lots of wheedling and
the "desperately wanting to please"
If you like this pairing, you may like cuddling,
helping others and a tendancy to wear hats.
If you like this pairing you may want to read
"Closure" by Firestorm717. Go to
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2310649/1/ for

What John Constantine Pairing Are You?
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I scared the shiz-nat out of Mr Williamson with my poem.
he was like ;________; "omg. that's ....... good"

my kitty beanie was fun,I comepletly forgot about my chicken hat tho.

I saw my first bat in New Providence walking home =)

it looked like a leaf,a BIG leaf. then I saw it move.

and Mrs MacBurney has a map of Narnia =)

I think that's it.....


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I think,next to the Michael Rosenbaum interveiw.....
this is the funniest.
but I dont think Ville is a comedic as Michael...
but deffinatly quirkier

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I dunno if anyone remembers,but over the Summer R. Kelly came out with his "urban opera" 'Trapped in the Closet'.
There were so many fucking love triangles Lind-z and I HAD TO DRAW A DIAGRAM,Eric ripped it....so we were sad.


Cliffnotes for Trapped in the Closet!


I love this.


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Crazy Hat Day Yo.

I'm making my ville beanie with cat ears
and then for the after noon my chicken hat =)

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I freaking <333333 Jenn x's 875309

I forced her to spoiling my birthday gift.She's not done as you can tell but loooook! ANOTHER cat Ville!! and better than mine =)

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Okay. I did this in my diary a few nights ago =) kitty ville valo >_<
YES. he's a kit-eh bawd az.

This is BY FAR the most random-est drawing I drew for someone.It was originally just Shaak Tii...then Alix is like,"Holding a Banana." I'm like 'good for you' then I realized she ment Shaak holding a banana...so I drew this.yeah. I know. my toughts exactlly.

that was fun.
now onto other PRESSING MATTERS!.
I wore my Ville outfit today...5 people (counting Lind-z)liked it
and some even knew who I was :)

No stupid remarks either.

and Becca MADE MY frickin day.
she made me these mini origami stars and hearts in all sorts of colors and sizes in a purty purple drawstring gause pouch. I was afraid to crush it all day.it survived.
I love it.
thanks Becca =)
Yay for hyper active Japanese friends.

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